Irina VII's construction was launched in 1935 under the name of "Sonas", happiness in Gaelic. Sonas is Alfred Mylne plan number 366 and the dockyard number 811 for William Fife.

In 1942, Sonas was sold to the Norwegian George Von Erpecom, from the Bergen Yatch Club, that change its name to Irina VII. He was actually the owner of the six previous Irina.

In the sixties, Fin Engelsen took care if Irina VII.

In 2002, Irina was bought by French people and renovated in the dockyard Amebois in Toulouse. Its renovation necessitated 16000 work hours, Irina VII now is set up as it was originally as a "côtre Marconi", the inside follow exactly the original plans fron 1935

Since 2003, Irina VII participate to numerous Mediterranean cruises and regattas.